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Founded in 2000 by William F. Giaquinto Jr., Nutmeg Advisory Group uses a holistic approach to wealth management. Our professionals, as Advisory Representatives of Lincoln Financial Securities, are objective professionals that assist you in managing your wealth in a manner consistent with designing plans to help you achieve your life goals which are our guide. They provide the context for all of our recommendations and direct everything that we do with your authorization.

Our professionals are dedicated wealth management professionals whose focus is you. We look to offer you a suitable level of investment sophistication, solution integration and focused attention to your goals. Working with us, our desire is that you feel confident that you are receiving quality objective advice designed to pursue your specific needs. 

We see you, your life, and the way we believe you should invest from an unbiased perspective. Where you want to go in life – and managing the risks that can hamper your progress – is what really matters. Utilizing our discovery process, we make specific recommendations for investment strategies and overall management of your assets.

We look forward to working with you to ensure that your wealth is properly aligned to enable your life goals and objectives.

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